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For the common folk, magic is something to be feared, avoided, and held in mystical awe. Even those who practice these arts are not so fool-hardy as to take lightly the power that magic represents. There are several views on the origin of magic which colors most discussions of the power. For the vast majority of common folks, especially among human and to a lesser extent dwarven populations, magic is a force for evil, with harmful and unpredictable attributes indicative of Maelwar's involvement. It seems to the common people that magic is always used to take the easy route and it follows, in their thinking, that no good comes from a short cut. To back this claim up, many will show by example that a great many evil people from the past used magic and, in addition, elves, who are seen as morally inferior, use magic all the time.

For the more learned, magic is a more fascinating power, more rich in possibilities, less fraught with the lure of demons. Only a few published works remain on the subject--other than those condemning magic as the work of Maelwar. For Ilumnrath, one of Faalor's most well-known philosophers, magic is the primal energy. It is Spirit, therefor the most important and holy thing in life. It flows through all things, expressing itself in the priest's healing art and the gem-cutter's skill, in a fireball and in love itself. It is the glue which causes all things to happen. Each and every person possess some level of magic for even the very act of breathing is itself magical. He warns though that this force can be used for evil as well as good and therefore pleads restraint to those who wield magical forces more blatantly. Others, like old King Padral himself who died a 102 years ago, claimed that magic comes from Adrahil AND Maelwar, that magic is a force for both good and evil. Each person who wields the power makes it what it is. A holy paladin or devout priest will always use the power for good, while a wretched, power-hungry wizard cannot. Magic, all magic, comes from the will of the individual not though mystic energies outside of himself.

Magic use is a rare occurrence on Faalor. For every 1000 or more people, only one has the ability to blatantly wield magical forces. This number is significantly larger in elvish and gnomish communities. Dwarves keep their magic use very secretive; a high percentage of dwarves sequestered deep under Mourningthain are practitioners of the art. The PC's are a special lot as almost all of them will possess some ability to use magic in one form or other.


Though there is considerable debate about the nature of reality on Faalor, most people agree that the universe is divided into two parts: matter and spirit. Spirit, often called the Body of Aergot, makes up the entirety of the Nether Realms. As with the physical plane, the Spirit (Nether Realms) is divided into warring Kingdoms, neutral states, and vast stretches of unclaimed (and unclaimable) Seas of Ether. The Spirit intersects with the physical world but is usually unseen by most mortals.

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